Self Image

self imageA Change in self image can really make the difference in a permanent lifestyle change.

What you think about yourself is always more important than what others think about you.

The Mind Works in Mysterious Ways

As strong as the subconscious mind is, it is also very easily fooled. You can use this to your advantage in changing the way you perceive yourself. It is necessary to spend a little time talking about why this is essential to creating a healthier you. If your self-image is of an over-weight person who doesn’t exercise and has poor eating habits, you will return to that, even if you change temporarily. Who hasn’t seen someone get into better shape only to regress back to being more unhealthy than they were in the first place? Think of your self-image (which is housed in your subconscious mind) as a rubber band. You may change the shape of that rubber band, however, as soon as take the force off of it, it will go back to the shape it was at rest. When we change the image you have of yourself to a healthy one, your subconscious will constantly be working behind the scenes to get you to that healthier state. Sounds simple enough, but right now you are thinking this has to be very difficult, right? Not really. It just takes one important thing, persistence.

Here’s how it’s done. 
First, be honest with yourself and write down the reasons why you want to lose weight and be healthier. Make sure that these are the most important reasons to you. It can be that you want to lose weight to see your children get married or to fit in a certain bathing suit. Again, what is important to YOU.
Then take the statements you listed as the reasons you want to be more healthy and we change them around a little. For example, we change “ I would like to be healthier so I could play with my children” to “I am glad I eat healthy and exercise because now I can enjoy playing with my children”. All you do is make the statement present tense and add “I am glad I eat healthy and exercise because…”. These must be things that are important to you. Remember, health is the great equalizer, even the ultra rich who are unhealthy, are still prisoners of a hospital bed.

You should have 5-8 statements. Put these everywhere, on your computer, phone, bathroom mirror, desk, refrigerator or and anywhere else you can. Read them aloud as many times as you can during the day. First thing in the morning and last thing at night are the two most important times. The more you read them the more your subconscious mind will take them as fact. Your self-image that has been established in your subconscious is the single biggest obstacle you have to overcome in order to make changes in your life. The great thing is that once you have changed your-self image to that of a healthy person, your subconscious will be constantly working to keep you healthy, even in your weak moments. Please don’t discount the value of this portion of the program. Even if it sounds a little strange, just do it for a month or two and test it out. If it works, great, keep it up. If it doesn’t at least you can continue with the other parts of the program. . This same strategy will work with any goal you want to achieve!