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Healthy Living


Healthy Diet. Healthy Exercise. Healthy Living.

Please consult your physician before starting this or any weight loss or exercise program. Your doctor knows your health best and will be able to tell you whether this program is for you. In over twenty years of practice, I have helped many people develop a more healthy lifestyle. I have also seen many try, only to fail. The difference in those that succeeded and those that failed always boiled down to the same thing, honesty. Those that succeeded were very honest with themselves with regard to the habits they practiced that made their lifestyle unhealthy, as well as the reasons why they wanted to change.

There are four pillars that will support a healthy lifestyle. They are a decent diet (not perfect), a proper mindset,quality supplements, and moderate exercise. Can you lose weight by changing only one or two of these things? Yes, however, it won’t happen as fast and won’t be as likely to be a permanent change.

One myth that I would like to put to rest right away is that losing weight always makes you healthier. This is simply not true. In the past, people used amphetamines (speed) pills to lose weight and indeed they dropped the pounds quickly. However, the damage that was done to their heart, liver and other organs was catastrophic to their health. Healthy weight loss does happen at a slower rate, however, it also has a much greater chance of being the lasting change that you have been dreaming about.

Let’s start with supplementation. We have researched two supplements that have been shown to add jet fuel to a weight loss program. These supplements not only help decrease fat deposition in cells, but also have many other healthy effects on the body. They have been shown to decrease cholesterol, triglycerides and the stress hormone cortisol. They also have been shown to increase serotonin levels, which promotes better sleep. We have also done our homework on our choice of manufacturers.  You have to be very careful about purchasing cheap supplements. These often contain low quality ingredients and are chock full of fillers. Our manufacturer is FDA certified and registered. We always use high quality, potent ingredients in our supplements.