General Weight Loss Tips

general weightloss


There are those who will procrastinate and those who will give up for whatever reason. But there are always those general tips that are mostly common sense and can help in losing weight and maintaining already lost weight. 
Tips for Healthy Weight Loss
  1. Less sugary drinks and more water. Diet drinks are not healthy.
  2. More good protein.
  3. Less simple carbohydrates. The glucose in simple carbohydrates stimulates fat deposition.
  4. Don’t eat late. Do your best to keep your final meal of the day at least 4 hours before you go to bed.
  5. If you are going to eat something you know you shouldn’t (sweets, fried food etc.), try to do it as early in the day as possible so you can work it off with activity.
  6. Get a good 8 hours of sleep each night.
  7. Find a form of exercise to fit your lifestyle. Something you enjoy and can do with others is best.
  8. Use spices to add flavor to foods rather than fat.
  9. Always have a healthy snack available, nuts are perfect.
  10. Everything in moderation.
  11. Don’t beat yourself up. If you have a bad day, make tomorrow better. Do a little more exercise and get back into balance. 
  12. Get plenty of good sleep. Our Garcinia Cambogia will help with this because it increases seratonin.