Exercising Tips


We never get something for nothing. So in order for you to enjoy the benefits of

a healthy lifestyle, you must do some exercise!

Enjoy Your Exercise!

Before you start this or any exercise regimen, you should contact your physician to have a thorough check up.

Now before you worry too much, let’s make it clear that we don’t expect everyone to be a marathon runner or even a runner at all. Exercise is always better if it is something you enjoy. Having at least one partner makes the time more enjoyable and can help you stick to your schedule. The basic rule is that you want to be increasing your heart rate for at least 45 minutes, 5 days per week. You can walk around the neighborhood or around a golf course, whatever fits your situation. You may be one that has always dreamed of running. If so, do it. You may start taking your children or dog on a walk each day. Swimming or just walking around in a pool is great for those with joint problems. Whatever you choose, try to vary it as much as possible to keep it from getting monotonous. It will be difficult at first, but will become easier as you stick with it. I had a patient that was more than 100 pounds overweight in his early forties. He decided one day to walk around his house which really tired him out. He slowly worked up to walking 5 times around his house. He was persistent over the years and now more than twenty years later, has run over 15 marathons and still runs over 5 miles per day in his late sixties. We all don’t have to get to the point that we run marathons, but if we want to be healthy, we do have to do our own form of exercise.

Tips for Exercising 

  1. Get checked out by your physician first to get the go ahead with your plan.
  2. Start small and build from there.
  3. Raise your heart rate for at least 45 minutes, at least 5 days per week (again, how much you raise your heart rate will be up to you and your doctor to decide)
  4. If you have a bad day eating or eat more than you should, put everything back in balance by adding ten minutes to your exercise routine the next time you exercise.
  5. Vary your activities so you don’t get bored.
  6. Choose a form of exercising that you enjoy.
  7. Don’t worry about other people, do what is right for you. We aren’t all marathoners. Be happy and proud of any activity you consistently perform.
  8. Always save at least five minutes before and after exercising for proper stretching. You can find some great stretches here .